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EdenHill Communities - Events

EdenHill Communities Instagram post thanking Hope Hospice. Contributions: writing, scheduling

EdenHill Communities - Fundraiser

EdenHill Communities post, part of a series promoting our Spirit Night fundraisers. Contributions: copywriting, scheduling

EdenHill Comunities - Events

Post for EdenHill Communities promoting our 100th birthday celebration for resident Edythe Lawrence Rogers. Contributions: photos, copywriting, scheduling

EdenHill Communities - Events

Post for EdenHill Communities promoting community engagement for our residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contributions: copywriting, scheduling - Giveaway 1

Naturally More Peanut Butter giveaway in celebration of National Peanut Butter Day. Contributions: graphic design, writing, scheduling - Giveaway 2

A cross-promotional giveaway for Naturally More and Heart Rate Social. Contribution: writing, scheduling - General

Social media post for Naturally More Peanut Butter, focusing on holiday recipes. Contributions: recipe research, writing, scheduling

Press Releases - Press Release

Press release for our client's app Wish Alerts. Contributions: writing, graphic design, publishing

Blogging - Blogging

Our Picks for the Best Holiday Travel Apps - Blogging

Ordering Food is As Easy As Logging into Facebook - Blogging

Our Top Picks for the Best Holiday Apps of 2017 - Blogging

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Nintendo's First Social Mobile App Hit?

Alter Endeavors - Blogging

Pokemon Go Popularity: A Marketing Tool?

Alter Endeavors - Blogging

Writing Effective Emails, Get What You Need (and Sound Human)

Alter Endeavors - Blogging

Vine's Shutdown - Social Media Changes and Their Effect on Business

Alter Endeavors - Blogging

Web Presence Management for Your Business: Three Things to Keep Track Of

Alter Endeavors - Blogging

A Holiday Marketing Case Study - Christmas with Kentucky

Alter Endeavors - Blogging

Going Viral: What to Do When You're Internet Famous

Alter Endeavors - Blogging

How to Create Content that Draws Traffic

Graphic Design

T-shirt Design

T-shirt Design

Flyer - Water Festival/River Ramble

Flyer - Family Water Festival/Colorado River Ramble

Email Banner

Email Banner

Flyer - Family Water Festival

Flyer - Family Water Festival

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Pamphlet - inside

Site Area Map - outside

Pamphlet - outside


Cover 3 Plans Book

Plans Book for Cover 3 Restaurants (Click link to Download) - Blogging

Our Picks for the Best Holiday Travel Apps

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